“When I was a child and my mom didn't want to call me by my name, she just called me Habibi - my darling. Maybe it's because I was so cute and adorable“

Zuher Jasmati

DJC (DJ of Colour)
Coach & Activist

“Otherwise one isn’t usually called by this nickname. It’s a word that, above all, the older generation – my cousins, aunts, or friends of my grandmother – used to call me when they asked me to get them a glass of cold water at 46 degrees of Syrian heat. Or when I visited Syria, and my relatives were always so happy to see me that they pinched and kissed my cheeks, and told me with a big smile on their faces how much they had missed their ‘habibi’. Now that I am almost as old as they were back then, I can take the same love that my loved ones have gifted to me with this word and pass it along.“