“I grew up in Kreuzberg. Walls full of graffiti, streets full of dirt: it was the coolest neighborhood of Berlin, at least to me. I know, at first sight everything might seem cold and ugly. But as soon as you take a closer look you notice all the beautiful colors, all the crazy people and all the perfect imperfections these streets have to offer....“

Luna Schaller


“Every person here is different. And the beautiful thing is you can be who you want to be. Girls with pink hair and piercings drinking Sterni at 10am. Guys with dreadlocks driving on a bike bumping reggae through their speakers. Homeless guys making music on the street to earn some money or teenagers in sweatpants trying to get into a nightclub. Nobody cares. People don’t judge. They just look and think ‘This is Berlin!’“

Brustbeutel habibiberlin